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About Us

The careers of elite athletes transcend the boundaries of the playing field, extending into numerous other dimensions. Thus, relying on qualified experts becomes crucial. With professional sports constantly advancing and the demands on athletes increasing, both on the ice and in various other external areas, IQ Sports Management is committed to supporting and guiding its athletes throughout their entire journey, from their start as promising youths to post-career, providing personalized and high-quality services. The added value of having a former NL player and a former NL coach and GM on our team allows us to offer a comprehensive perspective for the benefit of our athletes.

Our belief is grounded in the importance of human relationships. Building strong relationships is key to effectively supporting and guiding, where deeply knowing the other is the essential ingredient. We see ourselves as mentors committed to providing advice, guidance, support, and education to our athletes in the dynamic world of professional sports, a field full of opportunities but also challenges, where having reliable and knowledgeable people by your side can truly make a difference.

IQ Sports Management and its partners are excited about the opportunity to welcome you and guide you in the best possible way on this thrilling journey.

IQ Sports Management, in order to carry out its activities, has regular authorization from SECO.